The Neon Parallax
Public art project in Geneva with 13 neon artworks on rooftops of a large central city square

Lang Baumann

Exhibition of 35 pavilions, constructions and shelters by artists, architects, designers and humanitarian organizations, in Genthod, Geneva

Lightbox afixed on the facade of a building in Geneva with 2-4 exhibitions per year

Triennale 2017
Exhibition in the “Relais du Saint-Bernard” a highway leisure park in the swiss alps with 30 artworks placed within this paradoxal environment mixing consumption, leisure, automobiles and wild life.

11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition in Biel/Bienne with 50 interventions in the city

Domaine du Muy
Sculpture parc in South of France, with 40 large scale sculptures placed within the wilderness

Art Unlimited
Exhibition of museum scale artworks during Art|Basel

Various exhibition displays for media and video art collections

Open End
Exhibition in the “Cimetière des rois” prestigious cemetery in Geneva with 16 artworks placed between the tombs

documenta X
Website and exhibition with 10 specific productions

Exhibitions dealing with the digital evolution of the arts