Version______a biennial on the digital evolution of the arts

Since 1994, Version has sought to move back the limits separating genres from one another. Each new “version” of this periodic event is a chance to shed light on the links between the changes taking place in society and a specific cultural domain. In the fall of 2002, Version aimed to question architectural space.

The perception of space, either constructed or virtual, has been subjected to such changes over the past decade (especially with respect to computer tools and communications by image) that it is important to examine the modifications of conception and representation that this implies. But to achieve that, one clearly ought to be confronted physically with such spaces.

In a digital age, to visit an exhibition space is to plunge into a world with its own codes and rules, to experience directly and personally a form of structured artificial reality. Without affirming that we must objectify our relationship to reality, the Livable Image is nevertheless the opportunity to experience an immersion of the physical body and an intentional confusion of the senses, thanks to the different levels of reality that are implied.

Each of the versions has been designed to develop an oblique, “canted” approach to what the “livable image” might concretely evoke. Directly, by way of these different angles of attack the ties between habitat and images reveal their complexity. While images and architecture are definitely artificial, their mental interpretation depends on lived physical experience. I can only encourage you then to visit these projects with all your senses on alert.

Version is a hybrid concept for cutting edge cultural events.
Version is concerned with the development of culture in a technological age.

L’Image Habitable, Versions ABCDEF, Geneva, 2002
(Décosterd & Rahm, Diller+Scofidio, fabric|ch, Hiroyuki Futai, Liam Gillick, Gruppo A12, Zilla Leutennegger, MVRDV, Sven Påhlsson, Daniel Roth, R&Sie…, Hans Schabus, Mike Tyler, Andrea Zittel, Heimo Zobernig)

Another Swiss Version, AR/GE Kunst Galerie Museum, Bolzano, 2002
(S.altenburger, Szuper Gallery, B.Stehlik, E.Antille, Schwinger & Moser, B.Streuli, Steiner & Lenzlinger…)

Version_2000, Geneva, 000
(Stefan Altenburger, Angela Bulloch, Peter Friedl, Masaki Fujihata, Eva Grubinger, Fabrice Gygi, Miltos Manetas, Julian Opie, Marco Poloni, Yves Netzhammer, Studer / van der Berg, Uri Tzaig, Xavier Veilhan, Markus Wetzel, Johannes Wohnseifer…)

Anticipation, Version 4.0, CIC, Mamco, Geneva, 1998
(Thomas Bayrle, Mariko Mori, Rachel Baker, Matt Mullican, Serge Comte, Renee Green, Elena Montesinos, Pierre Joseph, Holger Friese, Jeffrey Shaw, Hubbard&Birchler, Peter Kogler…)

version simon lamunière, attitudes, Geneva, 1998

Version 2.2, Saint-Gervais Genève, 1996
(Ceal Floyer, Rainer Ganahl, Laurence Huber, Felix Stephan Huber / Philip Pocock, Marko Lehanka, Christine Meierhofer…)

Version Box, Set of artists’ multiples, 1996, uprgraded 1997

Version 1.0, Saint-Gervais Genève, 1994
(Claude Closky, Claude Gaçon, Hervé Graumann, Jochem Hendricks, Nathalie Novarina, Manfred Stumpf…)