2m2 Gallery

The two-sided lightbox is located 36 rue des Maraichers and is open non-stop, 24/24h 7/7

2m2 was founded in 2012 by Simon Lamunière and Christian Pirker. Acting both as a gallery and a producer, 2m2 invites artists to produce specific artworks, projects, editions and more recently exhibit in the 2m2 gallery, which consists of the lightbox afixed on the facade of a building in Geneva.
The gallery is no bigger than that. Each exhibition is the medium and the artwork itself. The exhibitition space is a double sided neon lightbox of 100 x 100 x 15cm . The artists are invited to realize an artwork on each of its sides.
As street signs or advertisements, the specifically created pieces for 2m2 deal with art in public space as well as they play with visibility within any context because of the emitted light and strong visual references. They are beautiful provocative signs of our times that glow in the dark.
2m2 is the flagship sign of Ardeis editionsTM

Simon Lamunière

36 rue des Maraîchers,
1205 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel 004176 336 80 82

Artists (2m2 and ArdeisTM):
Pauline Beaudemont
Stefan Brüggemann
Sylvie Fleury
Vidya Gastaldon
Liam Gillick
Johan Grimonprez
Carsten Höller
Peter Kogler
Marc-Antoine Mathieu
Sarah Morris
Gianni Motti
Matt Mullican
Denis Savary
Heimo Zobernig